Nurturing Learning at iSpace

 iSpace  educational therapy offers:
  • a wide range of intensive, individualized interventions designed to identify, assess and alleviate individual learning challenges 

  • positive learning, client nurturing, confidence building, life skills, personal success

  • outside school intervention and support

  • assistance in coordinating specialist team support

  • assistance in interpreting reports, needs and interventions

  • assistance in mediating with schools and specialist services

What is the difference between tutoring and educational therapy?

  • Tutors consolidate classroom learning, homework, exam preparation

  • Educational therapists (ETs) identify, assess and alleviate individual learning challenges 

  • ETs complement the expertise of school, medical, psychological and professional allied diagnoses and intervention work

Who can benefit from educational therapy programmes? Children and adolescents who:

  • experience ear infections, slow language learning, poor concentration, poor memory, difficulty paying attention

  • have poor self esteem, lack confidence, say they're ' useless, not smart, can't learn, school is stupid' 

  • hate school, use avoidant behaviour including illness

  • lack age appropriate academic progress

  • struggle with homework, require long periods of parental support to complete tasks

  • has difficulty with task starting, work organisation and goal setting, especially as tasks become harder and more complex

  • has difficulty understanding what is expected of them 

  • is discouraged and withdrawn

  • have been diagnosed with a specific learning challenge by a specialist including:

    • ADD, ADHD, executive functioning issues, auditory/visual processing disorders, dyslexia and reading disorders, dysgraphia and writing disorders, dyscalculia and maths disorders, etc.

  • have unique learning blocks resulting from anxiety, panic, trauma, depression, serious illness, culture  and language differences, personal life issues


Educational Therapy for Adults

Individual intervention programmes can help adults who:

  • experience anxiety and difficulty with work place learning tasks

  • hide difficulties with reading and writing work tasks

  • never completed skill sets to function confidently in the work place

  • experience difficulty organising tasks, prioritising, goal setting, time management and work task or personal goal completion

  • have poor social skills, experience difficulty 'reading' people

  • feel frustrated at not progressing sufficiently in their career path

  • need to return to the work place after a long absence or starting a new role

  • need to upskill to meet new work place professional development requirements and tasks

  • are studying in tertiary education and need more complex organisational, personal management, study and learning  skills

Therapeutic Mentoring and Tutoring

ISpace educational therapists are available for individual and group skill mentoring and subject tutoring. Using appropriate value added approaches and interventions, therapists are able to assist children and adolescents meet specific classroom, study and examination requirements and improve personal best outcomes.

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Educational Therapy & Life Learning