About Us

About  iSpace

iSpace is about creating personal space for inner nurturing and self growth. Our team of experts are here to support you through life's  age challenges  - child, adolescent, adult. As an iSpace life learner and traveller,  we equip you with can-do support for active learning, living and wellbeing.

Providing you with the best specialists for the best care

Anne Brumfitt

Anne is our highly experienced educational therapist, counselor and author. Her work has included educational programs for individuals, schools and corporate clients including London Grid for Learning and the European Space Agency. In 2006, Anne was academic coach to the Australian  team to the Korolev International Space Olympics, winning the  Cosmonauts Prize for Outstanding Achievement

Fr. Lachlan Thompson

Lachlan is a Tertiary Chaplain and Priest with the Melbourne Anglican Diocese. He brings to the iSpace team extensive experience in clinical pastoral and spiritual care. His unique background includes science education learning experiments that were flown on NASA's space shuttle and Russia's MIR space station.

iSpace Network

Sometimes clients needs require support from a team of experts such as GPs, hospital specialists, psychologists, occupational therapists, schools, etc. Our iSpace team will work with you across this spectrum of expertise,  locating additional specialist help, participating in meetings, visiting schools etc.  to help you maximise best outcomes.