Clinical Pastoral Care and Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual Care

 iSpace clinical pastoral counsellors are qualified professionally registered experts. They are highly experienced including work  in prominent Melbourne hospitals. They are available for anyone seeking personal spiritual care or personal journey exploration.


Sessions may be faith or secular based according to a client's personal needs. Our clinical pastoral counsellors are trained to journey with people from personal darkness to healing light, to  assist in discovering and consolidating personal  spiritual strength regardless of religion, culture, or beliefs.


Sessions are also available with ordained clinical pastoral priests.


People who can benefit from clinical pastoral care include those who are:

  • managing serious or terminal illness

  • supporting a loved one through serious or terminal illness

  • preparing for the loss of a loved one

  • dealing with the grief and loss of a loved one

  • coping with an unexpected sadness or difficulty

  • feeling desperately lost or alone

  • experiencing feelings of unworthiness

  • confused, feeling life is unfair

  • unsure of life's purpose, their role and contribution

  • feeling let down, unappreciated

  • coping with deep regret, feelings of guilt or personal shame

  • struggling with a sense of personal failure or unfulfilment

  • looking to find answers to questions about life and  personal meaning

  • seeking answers and reassurance within their personal faith


Clinical pastoral counselling is also available for individuals, couples and families wishing to explore and resolve life issues from within their cultural traditions, personal faith, values and practices.

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