Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy

At iSpace our dedicated counsellors and clinical hypnotherapists help clients of all ages to explore, understand, manage and overcome life's unique challenges.

We offer confidential positive client-centred therapeutic support  enabling clients  to


  • achieve positive psychological wellbeing

  • experience fulfilling relationships

  • lead positive lives.

Pastoral Spiritual Care & Wellbeing

At iSpace our experienced pastoral counsellors are available to support clients experiencing life turning challenges including illness, trauma, grief and loss.


Our pastoral counsellors help clients


  • explore  sacred or secular spirituality

  • mindful wellbeing

  • life journey challenges

  • life purpose 

  • issues of faith

Educational Therapy & Life Learning Support

 At iSpace Active Learning Centre our educational specialists help everyone become positive active learners. We help with;

  • Individual learning challenges

  • Family programmes

  • School programmes

  • K-12 school student learning 

  • Exam programmes for Y11-12, college and undergraduates

  • Executives and CEOs looking to improve their skills

  • Adult learning & life social skills

  • Professional development & skill training

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Taking care of yourself

We Accept Health Plans
I-Space is a Medibank Preferred Provider

Provider Number A08039 1F

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Our Pivacy Policy

I-Space does not collect or retain site visitor information and associated data neither for its own use nor for a third party. Your total privacy is of great importance to us.

Number 1 Active Learning  Therapy & Pastoral Care Centre in the Area

Your iSpace team are recognised nationally and internationally for excellence in education and learning..

Including the prestigious International Astronautics Federation's  Frank J Malina medal for outstanding excellence in space education.


iSpace Professional Services offer customised:

  • Lectures

  • Talks

  • Seminars

  • Group activities

  • Corporate activities

  • Professional development support

  • Life long Learning support

  • Corporate well being support